The Official Pocket Guide to Diabetic Food Choices, 5th Edition

Completely updated to match the newest edition of Choose Your Foods: Food Lists for Diabetes, this pocket-sized guide is now better and more complete than ever. Every day and at every meal, millions of people use the food list system to plan meals, make healthier food choices, and better estimate portions. This proven system is the most popular approach to diabetes meal planning and has been used by dietitians, diabetes educators, and people with diabetes for more than 70 years. This portable version of the Food Lists for Diabetes takes all of the information from the original and repackages it in a format that's perfect for trips to the grocery store or meals on the go. Updates include choice values for a wider variety of foods, revised portions, and updated meal planning tips and techniques. With the combined knowledge of the American Diabetes Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, this handy guide is the ultimate meal planning tool for everyone with diabetes.

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