The Low-Carb Companion

The Low-Carb Companion is the life-changing nutrition book you must read. A concise, fact-filled expose on eating your way to effective weight-loss and the reversal of diabetes, it is your handbook to life-long health. Have you had enough of your excess body weight, your bulging belly and that body shape that makes you shy away from appearing in a swimsuit in public? Are you tired of your doctor always getting on your case about losing weight and going on about your rising blood pressure, ‘bad’ cholesterol, clogged heart arteries and impending diabetes? Are you fed up with dieting fads, pills and all the exercise that are not working to achieve weight loss? ‘Yes, yes and yes’ you say, as do so many others like you. Well, then, it is time! Time that you begin to truly understand your body, to learn exactly why you are overweight and to know how these factors can all negatively impact your overall health. It’s time that you realign your nutritional health with your metabolic health in order to enjoy significant and sustainable weight loss, boosted energy levels, glowing vitality and a happier and slimmer you. The Low-Carb Companion is written by sports and lifestyle medicine physician, Dr Austin Jeans, with an inspirational foreword by world-renowned nutrition expert and A1 scientist, Professor Tim Noakes. It shows you that the secret to losing 10kg, 20kg or even 50kg and keeping it off is simple: cut the carbs and sugar, eat more healthy fats and return to real foods. The same program will reverse type 2 diabetes. You don’t have to count calories because they don’t really count; you don’t have to measure out food portions as long as you’re eating the right things and you can eat when you’re hungry and enjoy your food whilst watching the weight drop off you. The Low-Carb Companion is your guide on a personal journey of weight loss and lifestyle change. Each chapter concisely defines and explains the evolving science behind low-carb healthy-fat nutrition. The Low-Carb Companion highlights the facts of this science in a comprehensive, yet simple, way and outlines practical eating strategies for successful weight loss. Key features of the book include self-assessment tools to determine your state of nutrition and health, an extensive glossary to explain the terminology used, an informative question-and-answer section, over 130 scientific references and more than 250 recipes to get you started. The Low-Carb Companion will show you the way and keep you going on your ‘new life’ journey to good health. Are you ready for your cravings to cease, the mirror to flatter, clothes fitting well and the scale saying great things back to you – are you ready for a life-changing experience? Just like patients Jean T., who lost 40kg and walked down the aisle in a pencil-thin wedding dress, a slim ecstatic bride; Mike S., who lost 28kg and stood tall and slim at the altar on his wedding day, a new man for his new wife; and Bill A., a headmaster who lost 32kg and inspired an entire school and community with his commitment and action. Your journey starts with a copy of The Low-Carb Companion. Download the e-book version, or order a crisp hardcopy so you can have guidance and knowledge at your fingertips every day. As a beacon of measured success, you can be the example of what sound, real-food based, healthy nutrition can achieve. Whilst you’re at it, buy your doctor a copy, too!

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