The Ketogenic Diet: Top 50 Low Carb Slow Cooker Recipes (Ketogenic Beginners Cookbook, Recipes for Weight Loss)

Feel Incredible and Look YOUR Best with the Ketogenic Diet!50 DELICIOUS Slow Cooker Recipes a that are Quick and Easy to Prepare!This book will help you to understand what the Ketogenic Diet is and how you can use it to Lose Weight and Increase Energy Levels!The Ketogenic Diet is a medically and scientifically proven diet plan in which you avoid all high to mid carbohydrate foods and fill those calories with healthy fats.By doing so the body starts burning up unwanted fat instead of carbohydrate, a natural process called Ketosis.The result?Reduced weight and a slim, healthy YOU within weeks!When you follow the Ketogenic Diet you will experience many benefits:Weight LossAppetite ReductionIncreased Energy LevelsBurn Unwanted FatIncreased Levels of HDL (the “good”) CholesterolDecrease Levels of LDL (the "bad") CholesterolReduced Blood Sugar and Insulin LevelsReduce Blood PressureDownload The Ketogenic Diet: The 50 Best Low Carb Slow Cooker Recipes & you will discover a wealth of nutritious recipes for every occasion:LOADED CAULIFLOWER SOUPSPANISH CHORIZO SOUPKETO GARLIC GNOCCHISLOW COOKER OXTAIL STEWITALIAN GNOCCHI SOUPBOLOGNESE MINCECREAMY SLOWCOOKER CHICKEN & TOMATOSOUPSLOW COOKER EASY EVERYDAY CHICKEN SOUPCURRIED CAULIFLOWER SOUPSLOW COOKER CREAMY ZUCCINI SOUPSLOWCOOKER CREAM OF TOMATO SOUPSLOW COOKER CREAM OF BROCCOLI &MUSHROOM SOUPSLOW COOKER CHICKEN BACON CHOWDERHEARTY BEEF STEWMADRAS LAMB CURRYSLOW COOKER THAI NUT CHICKENFARMHOUSE LAMB & CABBAGE STEWSLOW COOKER SEAFOOD STEWFULL nutritional breakdown in all the recipes so you can keep track of your calories!SUPERCHARGE YOUR METABOLISM USING THE POWER OF KETOSIS!Order Your Copy of The Ketogenic Diet:The 50 BEST Low Carb Slow Cooker Low Carb Recipes That Burn Fat Fast Right away!You'll be so glad you took this healthy step!

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