The I’m Possible Journey: Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction

When fifteen minutes of mindlessly eating a bag of day old pastries and an almost full carton of ice cream derailed yet another diet attempt, Maureen Aliprandi realized she might have better used that time to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Well, not exactly. Here's what really happened.Maureen Aliprandi discovered she was a sugar addict. With this enlightenment, she stopped her impossible cycle of dieting; took control of feeling better; and began to lose (and keep off) extra pounds. For someone who had spent much of her life struggling with the scale-often losing weight only to gain even more back-it was a huge accomplishment. The bigger takeaway, though, was regaining health of her mind and body.This inspirational collection of poems and prose (about triumphs and woes) highlights how Maureen changed her paradigm and lost more than seventy-five pounds. She shares insights of her journey from being manipulated by an inner sugar monster to being in control of her foods and her moods.Maureen's clear and friendly voice will encourage you in your own journey to good health by showing you how to:* take control of what you eat;* abandon excuses that prevent you from living a healthier lifestyle;* develop eating guidelines that work for you;* keep weight off after losing it.Rediscover your life and change your eating habits for good with the practical guidance and hilarious wordplay in The I'm Possible Journey. You will find that you are possible, too!

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