The Happy Hormone Cookbook: Food Secrets for a Balanced Life

Do you ever wake up feeling sluggish and slow? Do you want to:   •         Have balanced hormones and a balanced body? •         Be a healthy weight? •         Wake up feeling great more often? •         Sleep soundly through the night? •         Feel more emotionally balanced? •         Lose acne which persists from to time to time? •         Have a body free of joint pain? By shifting the balance of foods you eat daily, you can begin to bring about change in your hormones, helping to relieve any of the symptoms you may experience. Eating wholesome healthy food is one thing, but not many people realize how hormones could be affected by what you eat and by making dietary changes to “balance your hormones”. If you have unbalanced hormones, it can affect everyone around you – your partner, children, friends and work colleagues – as well as yourself. Filled with healthy and wholesome recipes put together by professional nutritionist and chef, Emma Ellice-Flint, the dishes found inside the pages of The Happy Hormone Book are suitable for all ages and genders. With additional words of wisdom sprinkled throughout, readers can learn about how to ensure a happy hormone balanced diet can be achieved. The Happy Hormone Book is the cookbook that you MUST have. (Emma Ellice-Flint)

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