The Guilt Free Gourmet 2019 Cooking Guide: The Ultimate Low Point Cooking, Ingredient and Recipe Guide

The Guilt Free Gourmet: 2019 Cooking Guide, is an amazing Low Point cooking resource. After 6 months of being available digitally, we're finally offering it through Amazon! This book is filled to the brim with cooking tips, ingredient suggestions, and basic recipes that will help you succeed on the Weight Watchers (WW) Freestyle plan. Rather than throwing a giant book of recipes at you, this guide TEACHES YOU how to modify your meals yourself through in-depth photo guided tutorials. This publication contains over 300 full color images that will help walk you through every recipe and exercise. Inside you'll find 4 pages devoted solely to helping you master the Recipe Builder within the WW mobile app. Also included are multiple exercises that will teach you how to reduce the points in traditional recipes through creative ingredient swaps to DRASTICALLY lower the points and calories. There are 4 pages of ingredient swap suggestions with color images and details for each ingredient. You'll also find recipes for "Foundational" items that are used as the building blocks for meals. Such as 0 point Italian Sausage, Chorizo and Breakfast Sausage recipes, instructions for how to make fresh REAL low point pasta yourself without any specialized equipment. Low point Gnocchi, pie crust, masa for tamales and tortillas, low point yeast pizza dough, 0 point cream cheese, and much much more. It doesn't stop there though.I also include recipes for 30 ultra low point sauces that you can use to kick up hundreds of dishes. 0 point Buffalo sauce, Asian dipping sauce, 1 point alfredo and pesto, 0 point MEXICAN BROWN MOLE' and 0 point red enchilada sauce! There's even low point white wine butter sauce, scampi, avocado lime sauces... with no sauce being over 1 point for at LEAST a 1/4 cup serving!! I've even including 2 delicious low point Hummus recipes. Regular hummus that gives you 1/2 cup for 1 point, as well as a Chocolate Hummus dessert dip that gives you up to 3/4 cup for 1 point! As a bonus I've also included low point Holiday side dishes which include:0 point Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Mashed Cauliflower, 0 point Gravy, 2 point Stuffing, 2 point Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Fried Onions, 3 point Sweet Potato Casserole, 1 point Cornbread Muffins and 0 point Spiced Cranberry Sauce.This guide is packed with so much information that you're practically sabotaging your journey by NOT utilizing it! NOTE:The Guilt Free Gourmet is not endorsed by, nor is it affiliated with Weight Watchers International (WW). Weight Watchers has not reviewed our guide, and the recipes and information within are the sole creation and recollections of the author. This publication is NOT a replacement for the WW program, and is meant solely as an educational cooking guide to be used in conjunction with the WW program by paying/active WW members. Weight Watchers, WW, Point, Points, Smart Points and Freestyle are registered Trademarks of Weight Watchers International and are used within this publication for informational reference purposes only. Additionally, though Weight Watchers is not affiliated with this publication nor do they endorse it. That does not take away from the fact that it absolutely amazing and has changed the lives of countless WW members already, including my own. THAT should speak volumes about how great the content is.

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