The Fat Burning Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Master Your Body In 10 Days Or Less

Improve your wellbeing by transitioning to a keto diet.The keto diet has taken the world by storm. You’ve seen the weight loss pictures on Instagram. All of your friends are talking about it. The keto lifestyle is said to increase energy levels, improve cardiovascular health and lift mental fog. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information (and misinformation) online. Fortunately, this book has been created to help ease your transition into the keto lifestyle. A 10-day meal plan to get you on the right track.Creating a keto friendly meal plan that also tastes delicious can be very time consuming. This book has done the work for you, so you can spend those extra hours doing the things you love. No need to research recipes, it’s all there for you. My shopping tips are there to help you save money. Work smarter, not harder. With a comprehensive list of keto friendly foods, you’ll know exactly what you should be eating. This book offers alternatives to some of your favourite non-keto foods. Done properly a ketogenic diet can help you reach your weight loss goals without going hungry. Achieve your diet goals, and more.We understand that changing to a controlled diet can be a huge leap for some people, which is why this book includes tips on making your transition as easy as possible. Adapting to a low-carb way of living can be difficult during the first 7 days. This book will help you make sure you see it through. Not only that, there’s plenty of advice on creating a winning mind-set and focusing on your goals. This is such a huge part of maintaining a controlled diet that too many people skip out on. Stay healthy for longer, don’t give up. After reading this book, you will not only have a set plan for beginning your keto journey, you’ll have the tools to maintain this lifestyle for years to come. 40 scrumptious recipes.You will be shocked by the mouth-watering, low-carb meals you can consume whilst maintaining the Keto diet. Some of the healthy recipes in this book include: •Steak with Béarnaise Sauce•Feta-Stuffed-Meatballs•Thai Chicken Satay•Pasta Carbonara •Duck Rillettes•Easy Keto Meatloaf•Keto Moussaka •Three-Cheese Macaroni•Bacon Pesto Pasta •Shrimp Pad Thai •Cheesecake Fat Bombs •Keto Vanilla Ice Cream •Avocado Tzatziki dipSounds amazing, right? Then what are you waiting for? Take your first steps into your new healthier, happier lifestyle. Buy the Simple Ketogenic Diet For Beginners today.

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