The Everything Juicing Book: All you need to create delicious juices for your optimum health

Don't eat your veggies, drink them! If you're one of the millions of Americans who doesn't get their recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables, juicing is the perfect solution! This book is packed with 150 recipes to make consuming fruits and veggies fast, delicious, and fun, including:Asparagus squash medleyGrape citrus apple juiceOrange lemonade lift-offBroccoli apple carrot with parsley and lemon juiceStrawberry patch juice This handy guide explains why millions of people have turned to juicing to help ward off everyday disorders like colds and migraines, promote longevity, shed excess pounds, and prevent and treat serious diseases. Whether you want to get more nutrients, cleanse your body of toxins, or prevent disease and live longer, juicing is the answer!

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