The Essential Gluten-Free Guide: How To Go Gluten Free, Stay Gluten Free and Feel Great!

In this book, you will learn everything you need to know to make your transition to a gluten-free life easier, tastier, more satisfying, and ultimately successful! You will learn not only how to find and avoid gluten, but also many powerful and proven methods to a successful gluten-free life, including: How to stop feeling like a victim of your gluten intolerance. How to create simple meal plans so you don't get stuck without easy gluten-free options. How to find gluten-free foods you'll love and that will leave you feeling satisfied. How and when to convert your favorite recipes to gluten free. How to set yourself up for success with great gluten-free snacks and meals. How to use psychology to feel happier about your gluten-free diet and becoming a healthier you. Plus, you ll get the absolutely essential baking recipes for going gluten free--think bread that tastes and is the texture of real bread!! You will find over 35 gluten-free recipes that are so good the whole family will eat them! Ultimately, this book is dedicated to giving you all of the tools you need to successfully become gluten free and feeling great!

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