The Emotional Intelligence of Human Psychology: 3 Books in 1: The Art of Reading People, Manipulation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

★ ★ Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the kindle eBook version included for FREE**The Art of Reading People:The Art of Reading People: A Psychologist’s Guide to Learning the Art of How to Analyze People Through Psychological Techniques, Body Language, and Personality Types offers readers a unique and mind-blowing set of knowledge and tools that you can use every day of your life with anyone you meet. The art of reading people involves an in-depth study of human behavior in conjunction with how people express their emotions, even those which are deeply hidden, through their bodies, oftentimes without even realizing it. Manipulation:The manipulator is the one who cleverly and unscrupulously influences both people and situations to their own advantage, and this makes them the most dangerous type of people out there. Manipulation comes in several forms, and if left undeterred, it can create an extremely toxic situation. People are such complex creatures. It is hard to tell what someone’s true intentions are until it is too late. If the person that you’re dealing with is a manipulator, that “too late” can often spell disaster. They certainly get a bad rep, but why do they do the things they do? What tactics do they use and how is it they seem to get the better of us and we don’t even see it coming until it’s too late? Is manipulation really all that bad, or can it be used for good if done in the right way? Those are the answers we are about to find out. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:Do you find yourself often feeling anxious, unmotivated, depressed, or feeling negative about yourself? Is it so often that it is beginning to impact your day-to-day life? Have you wondered if your feelings are normal, but you feel too ashamed to ask those close to you about their own experiences, and you are unable or unwilling to speak to a therapist? Are your negative emotions causing you to react disproportionately when you are faced with a challenging situation? Do you wish you could change your way of thinking into something more conducive to living a fulfilled life? If you can answer yes to even one of these questions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Negative Thinking, and Depression has arrived to help you.

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