The Creation Code: God’s Blueprint for Creating the Future You Want

Are you looking for a way to get out of the rat race of weight loss, while still improving your health? In society, the keto (ketogenic) diet has taken the place of the paleo diet. Crossfit has replaced the treadmill and the bottom line is that there is always a new & improved way to get healthy. The world is full of diet plans, “easy weight loss schemes” and fat burning pills. Depending on your circles, you may see a push for body positivity and establishing Health at Every Size. But what role do our spiritual and religious beliefs play in helping or hurting how we establish our health? When we take a step back and view health through the lens of faith, we can quickly see that health is not a final destination it is a sum of our behaviors. From there we learn that as we begin to change our behaviors and our self-image we can have lasting benefits. As Christians, we should not solely be looking to get a beach bikini body, to eliminate a muffin-top, dad bod, or extra tire. Diet culture encourages us to continue to be at war with our bodies, our plates, and our minds. Remembering that man and woman were God’s ultimate creation, puts our importance in His eyes into perspective. You are not a problem, you are a solution. If you are looking for sustainable health (sustainable weight loss, long-term health, lasting healthy lifestyles), then The Creation Code can help you establish those behaviors while deepening your gratitude for the Almighty. When you work with a professional, they will use counseling skills to help develop behavior change and to help recognize barriers to success. Part of that process is to set appropriate goals, with the right mindset. The Creation Code takes these behavior change principles and applies them to the Christian biblical account of the Creation. By pulling back the curtain on how to create change, The Creation Code empowers readers to explore their short-comings, recognize their stumbling blocks, and enjoy the process of change, rather than simply suffering through it just to get to a destination. You will not find information on fad diets, fast weight loss tips, or the “pump you up” motivation speech that gets you excited for a week but burnt out by the weekend. The Creation Code focuses on helping individuals through self-exploration and growth to create individual lasting changes. So what does God teach us about behavior change, goal setting and obtaining health through the Creation account? That’s for you to learn as you explore this book and begin creating the future you want. The reality of health and weight is that they are simply the results of habits we have. There is not one single, individual food that is the problem. There is not one behavior that is the issue. The way we approach and obtain health will be different for everyone. Some crave salty, some crave sweet. Some can’t stop thinking about food while others can’t remember to eat. Having a generic health plan only work if you are generic. When we recognize the vulnerability we’ve cultivated as an important part of our spiritual growth and relationship with our Savior, we can use that same vulnerability to understand how we have created the life we now live. In reading The Creation Code, we can see that the skills we’ve utilized for our spiritual development can help us shape our physical lifestyles. If you are tired of traditional weight loss plans and fad diets, maybe it’s time to take a look back at how The Creation happened. Learning from the past can help us create the future we desire.

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