The Clean Eating Slow Cooker: A Healthy Cookbook of Wholesome Meals that Prep Fast & Cook Slow

Slow cooking. Clean eating.Discover how simple clean eating can be when you have a slow cooker. Filled with easy and delicious recipes, The Clean Eating Slow Cooker is your essential guide to healthy masterpieces. Baked Berry Oatmeal, Mushroom Risotto, Butter Chicken, Beef Brisket BBQ…sample 130 clean dishes your taste buds will love―and your body will too.Want to learn more about clean eating? Never used a slow cooker? The Clean Eating Slow Cooker features guides that help you learn the benefits of eating clean, picking the right foods, and mastering your slow cooker.The Clean Eating Slow Cooker includes:130 sumptuous recipes―Make clean eating easy with recipes that are perfect for your slow cooker―and take 20 minutes or less to prep.Slow cooking for clean eating―Learn why the slow cooker is perfect for clean eating, plus the best ways to use your slow cooker.Information at a glance―Pick your perfect dishes thanks to key nutrition information, plus clear labels for specific diets and dietary restrictions.Healthy living and clean eating is now convenient thanks to The Clean Eating Slow Cooker.

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