The Amazing Fiber-rich Cookbook: Simple, Easy and Delightful Recipes Rich in Fiber to Keep You Devoted to a Healthier Lifestyle

Eating a High-fiber Diet is the Solution to Avoiding Possible Outbreaks of Diverticulosis, Diverticulitis, Hemorrhoids, and Constipation for a Healthful Lifestyle.Today's society's diet is very poor and deficient in fiber. This is causing damage to the health and well-being of people, posing massive health problems. Fiber is now more than ever being recognized as an essential nutrient. To really benefit from fiber, it is necessary to get it from nutrient-packed foods such as fruits and vegetables. How can you achieve this and continue to make your meals simple and enjoyable? Find out more in this book.Go ahead and explore this cookbook's fiber-rich recipes—and maybe even a new menu. Healthy food and comfort are waiting for those who do it.When you consume a high-fiber diet like the one in this book, there are many benefits you can enjoy like having a healthy gut and improving heart health.In this book, we provide: 1. A list of healthy, high-fiber foods—showing how much fiber each has to assist people increase their regular consumption of fiber. 2. A collection of delightful high-fiber recipes from breakfast, main course to even snacks. 3. Benefits of adding fiber to your diet. 4. How to introduce fiber into your diet for optimal health. 5. Fiber count of each recipe to help you watch your fiber intake. The recipes contained in this book help:1. Lowers risk of stroke and heart attack2. Boosts immune function3. Fights fatigue4. Lowers cholesterol levels5. Increases longetivity6. Helps prevent colon and rectal cancerWhat are you waiting for? Click BUY to enjoy the benefits these recipes have to offer your body.

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