Tea Cleanse: The ultimate guide on the Tea Cleanse

In this guide you will learn the essentials in tea cleanses. You will learn why you should perform regular tea cleanses and how your overall health can benefits from them. You will also learn how they can make you feel good, look younger, and lose weight without putting that much effort into it. Here is what is included in this guide…. Chapter 1: What Is a Tea Cleanse? Chapter 2: Why Do a Tea Cleanse? Chapter 3: How to Do a Tea Cleanse Chapter 4: Refresh Teas—the Vitamin-Filled Fat Blockers Chapter 5: Colon Cleanse Teas—Teas that Rid the Colon of Toxins, and Help You Sleep Better! Chapter 6: Teas to Drink throughout the Day Chapter 7: Sample 1 Week Meal Plan Chapter 8: Other Reminders

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