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Train Your Brain for Weight Loss – 2 Self Hypnosis CD’s for Weight Loss Empowerment and Exercise Motivation (Train Your Brain for Weight Loss, 1)

Train Your Brain for Weight Loss utilizes the principles of self hypnosis to bring about transformational change in your thoughts, motivations, and thus, your body. Damien Young brilliantly guides you along a short relaxing journey which accesses your subconscious mind for lasting change. The first audio CD in Train Your Brain for Weight Loss is devoted to helping …

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The Instinctive Weight Loss System – New, Groundbreaking Weight Loss Product- 7 CD’s, Over 7 hours of Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Mind Reconditioning Sold in Over 40 Countries Worldwide

The vast majority of people who struggle with their weight have been programmed at a very early age to struggle with their weight. They ve been programmed by their parents, comments, traumatic experiences, advertisements, and the belief that one needs to diet and exercise hard in order to lose weight. The solution is to change a person s …

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