American Medical Association

Hypertension Cookbook

Delicious, low-sodium recipes for appetizers and snacks, soups, side dishes, main dishes, and desserts.Simple, satisfying recipes for everyday meals showcase fresh herbs and other flavor-enhancing ingredients without the addition of extra sodium.The latest research and recommendations for understanding and treating hypertension and pre-hypertension in a comprehensive introduction by AMA experts.How to identify risk factors for developing high blood …

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Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Healthier Living (American Medical Association)

Flavorful, nutritious recipes created by diabetes experts make it easier to prepare healthy meals while losing weight and to take control of type 2 diabetes.AMA-approved recipes are simple, with quick and easy main dishes, sides, soups, snacks, and desserts.A complete introduction offers the latest information on identifying type 2 diabetes risk factors, hints for fighting diabetes, setting goals …

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