Summary of The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

• An excellent book, probably the best weight loss/ diet/health book you’ll ever read!• Explains how insulin/insulin resistance is the real cause of weight gain and obesity!• Explains the specific, 5-step approach for lowering insulin and breaking insulin resistance! • Explains the strategic 2-step process for achieving permanent weight loss!• Lists of dos, don’ts, foods, steps, etc. Very well-written and easy to understand!THE OBESITY CODE by Dr. Jason Fung is an excellent book and probably the best weight-loss/diet/health book you’ll ever read. The central thrust of the book is this: (1). That weight gain/obesity is not caused by the eating of excess calories and/or failure to exercise, but by the prolonged excessive levels of insulin and insulin resistance in one’s body (a hormonal dysfunction). (2). Thus, that the secret to permanent weight loss and defeating obesity, is not to “eat less and move more” (as we’ve all been told), rather it is to break one’s cycle of insulin resistance by eliminating added sugars and processed foods from one’s diet, along with practicing intermittent fasting! The book explains why: eating less does not result in lasting weight loss; overeating does not cause weight gain; exercise is irrelevant to weight loss; insulin is the decisive element in weight gain/loss, obesity and type 2 diabetes; prescribing insulin for type 2 diabetes is wrong; and why most diets work for a while, then fail. The book also explains how: excess cortisol, stress and sleep deprivation cause weight gain; refined carbs cause overeating and carb addiction; high insulin causes weight gain; intermittent fasting can break your insulin resistance; sugar is so fattening and why fruit sugar (fructose) is the most dangerous sugar for the human body; artificial sweeteners spike insulin levels, cause weight gain, obesity and diabetes. Finally, the book provides us with the strategic two-step process to long-term weight loss and the specific, five-step (step-by-step) approach of how to lower your insulin level and beat obesity. The book is written clearly, highly readable and very easy to understand. So, we are very pleased to recommend this book. This book will blow your mind! This book will change your life! And even if you are not suffering from excess weight, this book will still open your eyes in a whole new way. This is an excellent summary and guide to the main book. This summary is thorough and very-well written, a virtual tour de force! It is definitely highly recommended! So, there’s no need to hesitate over this one! BUY THIS SUMMARY NOW!

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