Summary of Clean & Lean by Ian K. Smith M.D.: 30 Days, 30 Foods, a New You!

• LOSING WEIGHT MADE SIMPLE, EASY AND FUN FOR YOU!• LEARN HOW YOU CAN USE INTERMITTENT FASTING TO ACHIEVE GOOD HEALTH!• INCLUDES FRESH AND DELICIOUS FOOD CHOICES RECOMMENDED FOR YOU!• INCLUDES AN EASY DIET PLAN THAT STILL ALLOWS YOU TO ENJOY REAL FOOD OPTIONS!• INCLUDES AN EASY AND FUN EXERCISE PLAN THAT SUITS YOUR FITNESS LEVEL!CLEAN & LEAN: 30 DAYS, 30 FOODS, A NEW YOU!, by Ian K. Smith M.D., is an excellent step-by-step plan for successfully losing weight and achieving your best health. The book (i) beautifully explains intermediate fasting; (ii) provides a 30-day-eating plan that is easy and really works; (iii) provides an easy peasy, fun exercise plan that is sure to energize you, but not exhaust you; (iv) provides a food list of delicious foods (not the typical drab “diet foods”); (v) provides a scrumptious, healthy, snacks guide; (vi) and provides some wonderful condiment recipes! This is a very well-written summary and guide to the book. Indeed, this book will show you how you can easily learn to retrain your taste buds and begin to eat clean, healthy foods again so you can quickly shed those pounds! This book is easy to read and understand and its recommendations are easy to implement. So don’t even think about procrastinating! Get started right away! BUY THIS BOOK NOW!

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