Sugars and Flours: How They Make us Crazy, Sick and Fat, and What to do About It

Sugars and Flours: How They Make Us Crazy, Sick and Fat, and What to do About It is the only book that treats carbohydrate addiction with the decades-old methods of recovery from addictive behavior_i.e. elimination of the addictive substances. It is the only book that identifies both refined carbohydrates and other triggering foods as the source of abnormal eating behavior. Thus it is the only book that identifies a broad range of emotional, mental, behavior, and physical benefits. Benefits include relief from: Weight gain or loss Despair Allergies Attention deficit High cholesterol Cravings Shame Headaches Hyperactivity Numbness Hunger Pangs Anger Sinus pain Compulsive Behavior Fatigue Anxiety Mood Swings Coughing Obsessing Mental fogginess Depression Humiliation Congestion High blood pressure Type B diabetes Confusion Critical nature Asthma Low self-confidence Anorexia Fear Tension Infection Pre-menstrual Bulimia Restlessness Irritability Swelling syndrome Acne Sugars and Flours is unique among diet books because it provides a practical implementation plan for the whole family from a household perspective. It provides workable plans for handling shopping, food storage, travel, restaurants, entertaining, schools, and family relations. It covers the holidays in detail. It explains the medical theory for why this food plan could improve the life of almost any American. It shows how American patterns of refined carbohydrate consumption have skyrocketed to create a health crisis. It gives information on a national support system based on the 12-step model. It describes how to start a support group for recovery from over-consumption of carbohydrates. It discusses how to work the 12-steps to recover from refined carbohydrate addiction. It shows how non-reactive food enhances spiritual life. It provides real-life stories of recovery from refined carbohydrate abuse.

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