South Beach Diet: The Beginner’s Guide on How to Quickly and Effectively Lose Weight with the South Beach Diet Cookbook, Recipes, and Meal Plan!

This is the Ultimate South Beach Diet guide. We give you what others don't: a game plan. A complete guide on everything you need to know to lose weight, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The South Beach Diet isn't just another low-carb diet. It's a flexible meal plan which prevents the need to constantly count carbs and will allow you to eat to your desire. This book contains everything you need to know from the science behind the diet, the guide to healthy weight loss, and a comprehensive recipe book and meal plan. With this book you can finally adopt a diet where you won't have to starve yourself and can actually lose weight by eating wisely. You'll find the information about: How the diet works The science behind why it works The scientific truth about carbs, fats, and exercise! Approved and disapproved food list for the diet! If you want to lose weight and get the body you deserve then download today!

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