SlimFast Bakeshop, Meal Replacement, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, With 10g Of Protein & 5g Fiber, 2.4 Oz, 4 Count

We believe that dieting without dessert is a detriment to your happiness. Finally, you can have your cookie and eat it too! These sweet treats are designed to fit perfectly with your SlimFast Plan. Baked with 10g of protein-packed goodness and 5g of hunger-busting fiber that’ll keep you full for up to four hours. They’re a delight in every bite. You’ll enjoy every morsel of these soft and chewy treats. Don’t want shakes twice a day? Sub a Bake Shop cookie as one of your meal replacements for weight loss. Choose from a scrumptious Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie, or a Double Chocolate Chip Cookie. You’ll receive four delicious cookies in each box. Chocolate overload alert! With double the chocolate, this pure guilt-free Double Chocolate Chip cookie is the perfect meal replacement option. Indulge in its perfectly baked texture. Packed with protein, fiber, and no artificial colors or flavors, it will control your hunger for up to four hours. Each box contains four cookies. On the SlimFast Plan, replace two meals a day with Bake Shop cookies. Use in tandem with three low-calorie SlimFast snacks and one sensible meal of your choice.

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