Simple Keto Instant Pot Cookbook 2018: Quick, Easy and Delicious Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic Diet Recipes to Lose Weight Fast, Prevent Disease, and Be … Diet Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook)

Do you want to have a bible of Ketogenic Diet just in one book? Do you want to have many mouth-watering and easy-to-make instant pot recipes? Do you want to combine both to serve you and upgrade your living?If yes of any questions above, then this book is definitely for you! This book written by Dr. Mark Pitre is the most comprehensive and actionable guide on the ketogenic diet that discusses not only the complete guidelines (foods to eat and avoid, tips for success, and so on) but also provides many simple delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes that you can prepare at home.One of the healthy diet programs that have emerged in the recent years is the ketogenic diet. Originally designed for patients with epilepsy, the ketogenic diet has also been discovered to be an effective weight loss tool, helping people shed unwanted pounds and at the same time, promoting overall health.In this book, we shall discuss everything that you need to know about Ketogenic Diet. No matter if you are a beginner or the ones who have already dived into Keto Diet for a period of time, this book must be your first choice! This book will tell you every point in detail and in a scientific way, not only tell you the truth, but also tell you the reasons. Just keep on reading, you will like it and cherish it!Since it can be quite challenging getting started on any diet program, we have provided recipes that are not only easy to cook, but also are conveniently prepared using the Instant Pot. In the latter part of the book, you will find tips and guidelines that will help you use the Instant Pot successfully.Scroll up to click the “LOOK INSIDE” button at first! I believe you will like it! Get it by now!

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