Rebuild: Five Proven Steps to Move from Diagnosis to Recovery and Be Healthier Than Before

Don't just beat the odds—come back from serious illness like cancer or a heart attack even better than before.Can you recover from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic health issues, and actually become healthier than you were before? With Dr. Z's Rebuild program, you can. Readers get information and simple guidelines on regenerating cells to recover from and prevent life-threatening or chronic illness, rebuilding their bodies' strength by eliminating toxic fat, and revitalizing their lives with new hope and energy. Also included in the book are illustrated high-impact exercises and plant-based recipes. Dr. Z guides readers to get to the roots of their chronic health issues, reversing the conditions so that their bodies can heal, strengthen and prevent future illness. Dr. Z's program is built on the actions he took after being diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. "At 38 years old, I was not going down," he writes on his website. "I had one thing in mind—Rebuild." He researched ways to reverse the side effects of the chemotherapy, radiation and major surgery that had left him feeling weak. He mapped out a plan that saved his life and helped him become stronger, healthier, and more balanced than he was years before. "What I did for myself," he says, "I can do for you." Dr. Z has been there with his readers, feeling the fear, confusion, and frustration of a health crisis. With this book, though, readers will conquer their fear and their health issues to recover, rebuild and sustain their health for a lifetime.

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