Real Ketones Prime D+ Keto BHB (Beta-Hydroxybuterate) and MCT Exogenous Ketones Powder Low Carb Ketogenic Drink to Boost Energy and Mental Clarity (Lemon Twist) (28 Serving)

Real ketones Prime D+ is the only multi-patented BHB and MCT Powder Combo exogenous ketone supplement that delivers faster, sustained ketosis. Prime D+ fuels ketosis in just 60 minutes, with bio-identical ketones that help your body produce its own natural ketones. Now your keto diet can enable your body's own natural ability to use fat in the process of creating energy giving you a pure, clean energy source, and more keto-power in every gram. It's the most powerful keto food for sustained keto weight management, focus, and energy. If you're looking for the best keto food look no further!

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