Quicktrim Sugar and Carb Cheater — 60 Caplets

Sugar & Carb Cheater is a revolutionary supplement designed for people concerned about their sugar and carbohydrate intake and want to help control their effects on their weight management goals. Sugar & Carbo Cheater contains ingredients shown to help inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates to sugars as well as block the absorption of simple sugars. Sugar & Carb Cheater can help counteract the occasional snacking of sweets and sugary foods. Sugar & Carb Cheater can also help to promote healthy blood sugar levels and curb carbohydrate cravings. Sugar & Carb Cheater Activator Complex: Phaseolus vulgaris seed extract, Diafin (extracts of Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu), banaba leaf extract, fenugreek seed, bilberry fruit, vanadyl sulfate.

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