Practical Gluten Free: Everyday Recipes with a Gluten Free Twist

Everyday recipes with a gluten free twist. These recipes will make it easy to accommodate the gluten free individual in your family without sacrificing the taste and flavor that the rest of the family is accustom to. These recipes are in Amanda's regular rotation and have been enjoyed by friends and family over the years with rave reviews. They do not require hard to find ingredients, they are made with items that can be found at any grocery store. There are a few favorite brands suggestions throughout the book, however, these are by no means necessary to make the recipe. To give you a little background, Amanda was diagnosed with Celiac in 2003. And hopes her compilation of recipes from over the years will make it easier for both the seasoned gluten free dieter and the newbies coming to terms with their new reality. These recipes are all easy to follow, do not require major chef skills, and will appeal to the whole family. These recipes have been tried and tested many times with family and at larger gatherings; with no grumbles about the gluten free aspect, in fact, many ask for a copy of the recipe.

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