Plant Based Cookbook for Athletes: 60 High Protein Vegan Recipes To Help You Improve Your Training, Recovery, Performance and Build More Muscle

Discover How You Can Maximise Your Athletic Abilities AND Eat Plant Based at The Same Time!You’re vegan where do you get your protein? You could NEVER build muscle as a vegan! You could never be a vegan athlete, you need meat!These are just some of the common reactions and questions I get when I tell people I’m vegan and I play sport and go to the gym, and I’m sure you’ve heard similar from peers, friends and family. (Often in a belittling manner!)  Well in fact, you can get more protein than you would ever need eating delicious (and incredibly healthy) Plant Based meals, it’s time to prove all them doubters wrong and show them what you can achieve on a Plant Based diet!Not only that, eating plant based can help you recover faster, perform better and get in amazing shape, while simultaneously improving your health (Instead of destroying it!)Whether your goal is to build muscle in the gym, improve your recovery after your athletic endeavors or just to increase your daily protein intake we have you covered with over 100 delicious and nutritional recipes! No longer will you be stuck on what to make after a workout, instead you’ll be dreaming about that delicious meal you can’t wait to devour!Here’s a slither of what you’ll find inside….15 Protein Packed Breakfasts to Supercharge Your Start to Your Day!8 Superfood Protein Salads That Actually Taste Delicious 55+ High Protein Meals That Will Keep You Incredibly Satisfied11 Energizing Snacks to Recharge Yourself (and Satisfy Those Cravings!)12 Desserts to Die For That Are Surprisingly healthy!The Essentials You Must Know When Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet!Exact Shopping Lists to Make Your Weekly Shop 1000x Easier! (and Cheaper!)1 Vitamin You Must Supplement When Eating Plant Based (and Even if You’re Not You Might Still be Deficient!And that is barely even scratching the surface!Even if you’ve NEVER had a Vegan meal in your life, even if you believe you could never build ANY muscle eating Plant Based and Even if you have no idea how to get enough protein eating a Vegan diet this book will show you 100+ Delicious and Protein Packed recipes that will help you not only optimize your health but smash ALL of your athletic goals!So, If You Want to Add Delicious and High Protein Plant Based Meals Into Your Life to Help You Build Muscle, Optimize Your Health and Become The Best Version of Yourself Then Scroll Up and Click “Add to Cart.” **This Book is Available In Both Black and White and Color**

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