Plan, Cook and Save!: Plan Well, Eat Healthy, Save Time And Money! | Meal Planner Notebook with Grocery List and Family Meal Planning Ideas (Healthy Meal Planners and Recipe Notebook Organizers)

Our one of a kind Weekly Meal Planner will help you plan weekly menu (and spendings) for the entire household - big or small - in style! Are you tired of spending far too much time in the supermarket? ✔Do you want to eat cleaner and better, cut down the junk food and stop buying bad stuff just to satisfy your last-minute cravings? ✔Or maybe you want to track your grocery expenses and limit the unnecessary spendings (for the food that you don’t need) once and for all? ✔ With our smart meal planner with grocery list - we have you covered! Workweeks are stressful and it's usually impossible to eat healthily unless you plan out your meals. Don't be searching for your next fast food meal because you failed to plan ahead. With this weekly meal planner, it's easy to want to plan out your meals for the week. Do it on the weekends and shop accordingly so you don't even have to think of where your next meal will come from during the busy week. You have more fun things to do instead! Soon, you can ★ fly through the supermarket ★ and gracefully tick all boxes ✔✔✔ of your shopping list, which - by the way - is conveniently divided into sections. Yes - we know that milk and sugar cannot be found standing side by side! So no more running back and forth, wasting time and energy.  With this planner you will:①. Figure out what meals you are going to have during the upcoming week②. Write them all down on the left side of each week’s plan, snacks included③. As you fill in the chart, write all the necessary groceries on the shopping list (the opposite side)④. Set the budget, taking into consideration last week’s balance That’s what we call easy family meal planning and healthy budget cooking in one! When all is set, go to the supermarket and get all the needed groceries at once. You made yourself a list so stick to it and navigate through the aisles with your plan. When you do, you can be sure that there will be no unnecessary expenses. Come back home and note your spendings and balance (which you will take into consideration next week).  This practical, 8x10 Weekly Meal Planner Notebook includes:53 conveniently designed week spreads to note each day’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacksSmart shopping list for each week, divided into sections - Diary, Bakery, Pantry, Meat & Fish, Fruit & Veggies, Frozen foods (to further save your time in the supermarket)Space to note each week’s budget, spendings, and balanceSuper bonus... which you will love!- At the end of the notebook, we’ve included a very practical section with space to note down your favorite meals - CATEGORIZED! It will make the entire planning process much easier and fuss-free. Use it to note down your most favorite meals - meats, pasta dishes, salads, sides, snacks or desserts. These lists will come in handy during weekly planning sessions, so you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about what you’d like to have. How cool is that? Get our weekly meal planner and grocery list now, so you will finally be able to plan well, eat healthy, save time and money!  Note: This is our BIG Meal Planner, in size 8x10 - perfect for planning at home, but not everybody likes carrying it around. If you are looking for something of a purse size, please check our other meal planners in size 5x8. A combination of both works great as well, and we made sure to have matching styles 🙂 

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