Paleo Ketogenic Book Bundle  Mediterranean Meal Prep

If you love the flavours and the fantastic colours and variety of Mediterranean cuisine, you’re going to love the new fusion of southern European cooking with the fabulous Paleo Ketogenic Method. No more counting calories or following fad diets. No more short-term weight loss followed by long-term weight gain. Those days are over. Now you can eat healthily and thoroughly enjoy your appetite with this mouth-watering approach to delicious nutrition. The Mediterranean way of eating has been closely associated with long life and good health for hundreds of years and now you can combine the best of this excellent way of enjoying your food with the latest breakthroughs in nutritional research. That means you can eat some of the most delicious food on the planet and still promote healthy weight loss, great health and total wellbeing. The Mediterranean diet is a perfect complement to the wonders of the Paleo Method and the emphasis on healthy fats fits in perfectly with the revolutionary Ketogenic approach to smart nutrition. The result? A perfect celebration of the best of southern European cuisine with all the benefits of fat-busting advanced nutrition. You really can enjoy every mouthful and know that you’re encouraging your body to burn off the excess weight and boost your health and wellbeing. That sounds a lot like having your cake and eating it! Personally selected by international nutritionist and wellbeing specialist, Mercedes del Rey, the lovely Spanish lady with a background in promoting total health and wellbeing wherever she goes, the dishes and recipes will make every mealtime a joy. Mercedes believes in enjoying life to the full and her passion and enthusiasm shine in every dish and snack. What a marvellous way to enjoy the pleasure of natural weight loss! Amongst a wealth of fabulous recipes, Mercedes will show you: • Why the Mediterranean diet is so good for you • The amazing background to the Paleo and Ketogenic Methods • How to select the best ingredients for every meal • The best ways to plan and organise your shopping • Fast and easy ways to prepare meals for the whole week • Smart ways to add contrast and variety to your mealtimes • Professional tips for enhancing your food’s presentation and appearance • Economical ways to budget for the best taste experiences • An amazing array of super-healthy snacks • The kinds of dessert that will make the whole family smile • Buzzing breakfast recipes to boost energy and stamina • The best ways to organise everything well in advance If you love food but would still like to shed those unwanted pounds, the two ideas finally meet and come together beautifully in this modern interpretation of a timeless tradition. Let Mercedes guide you through a truly spectacular collection of super-healthy meals and recipes that will make every mealtime a positive affirmation of great flavours, natural weight loss and abundant health. Written by a great lady who celebrates the gift of truly great dishes, download this collection today and discover the benefits of the Mediterranean diet with the fabulous advantages of the Paleo Ketogenic method. Your taste buds and your waistline will appreciate every delicious mouthful!

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