Paleo Diet the 4 weeks challenge: 30 meal plan to weight-loss & live healthy (paleo cookbook, paleo diet for beginners, paleo diet challenge, paleo, weight-loss)

Why restraining yourself when you can eat as pleased and lose weight with a modern Paleo Diet? 28 Days Meal Plan that includes 4 meals a day to assist you from the moment you wake up until bed time Including a Free Paleo Diet WorkBook to help you follow the challenge and never fail It can be downloaded to be printed on my website: The workbook includes: Weekly menu listGrocery shopping listChallenge Tracker to follow your progress This book isn’t another ordinary Paleo Diet book with the same old content. It purposely provides you with all the necessary knowledge about what Paleo really is. Where does it come from and since when is it effective. If you ever wondered why is Paleo Diet so famous and recommended by nutritionist, you will have the answer in it. There are so many benefits to take from following a Paleo Diet and make it a new lifestyle. Weight-Loss, living healthier and more energized! being the main ones. The professional nutritionist Emma Vickens gives an in-depth explanation if these benefits and provides you with a 28 Days Meal Plan that includes 4 meals a day to assist you from the moment you wake up until bed time. The Paleo diet takes you thousands of years back when people didn’t have all the processed food we have nowadays. The meals were what land could naturally provide, vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts and meat. The land still provides such fresh nutrients you just have to look for it. This book is made to guide you and provide you with the right attitude and knowledge to start the perfect diet that will revolution your life. The modern Paleo Diet is reputed for two main advantages which are; a better health by eating non-transformed food that causes many health diseases, the main one being cancer and it is also a great diet to weight-loss. The primary concern being health, people adopted the paleo diet as a new lifestyle to reduce issues in their metabolism. Ultimately they realised that by eating non-processed food, only natural nutrients in appropriate quantities, their metabolism changed entirely to a fitter and more energised form which lead to losing weight as well. The beauty of this diet is that it makes you and your body realise that you do not need to deprive yourself of nothing to lose weight.

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