Paleo Atkins Diet

It seems extraordinary that the famous Atkins Diet first came to prominence back in 1972. Its pioneering conclusions revolutionised our attitude towards carbohydrate consumption and its effects have prompted numerous research projects that endorsed and supported Dr Atkins' original conclusions. A low carb diet is an essential component in taming weight issues as well as promoting a much healthier experience of wellbeing. Now those original, pioneering ideas have been enhanced by the ground-breaking Paleo Method, a profoundly effective way to accelerate weight loss and restore balance and optimal functioning to the entire body. The Paleo Method fully recognises the drawbacks of a carb-rich diet and seeks to restore the metabolism to its most natural and healthy configuration. When Atkins meets Paleo, the results can be spectacular. Amongst the wide-ranging topics explored in this life-changing book, you can learn how to: • Turn your body into a natural fat-burning machine • Switch on your fat-shredding capabilities • Identify the potentially toxic food types that encourage your body to store fat • Flush harmful toxins from your body • Rebalance your insulin and blood sugar levels • Reverse the signs of ageing and regain a more youthful and vigorous appearance • Increase your energy levels and boost your stamina • Stimulate your mental acuity and boost cognitive awareness • Reduce the risks of contracting a wide range of serious diseases • Enhance your health and wellbeing in all areas of your life • Improve your sleep and develop a calmer, more centred mindset • Wake up to a slimmer, stronger, fitter and healthier new you This exciting combination of the Atkins Diet with the revolutionary Paleo Method brings you the best of both worlds - the advantages of a classical low carb approach with the benefits of totally smart nutrition. The result is a powerful approach to total health that can tame weight issues and re-establish a healthier experience of life at every level. Download right now and bring the joy of new health into your life today. You deserve it.

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