Oversaturated: A Guide to Conversations about Fats with Your Patients

Saturated fats used to be as easy to discuss with patients as cigarettes: avoid them! But for the past fifteen years, we’ve been drowned in a sea of misinformation created by the food industry. This deliberate distortion of the truth ignores decades of established research and has led millions of people to embrace a diet high in saturated fat. Many will suffer the consequences: diabetes, dementia, high cholesterol, and heart disease.As a healthcare provider, it’s difficult to speak confidently with your patients about a healthy diet when both of you can’t see the facts through the haze of fiction.In Oversaturated, Dr. Evan Allen cuts through the confusion with an up-to-date, thorough review of all the research that makes the case against saturated fat so compelling. You’ll learn customized counseling techniques to help your patients reduce the saturated fat in their diet while maintaining healthy eating patterns. By using lifestyle first, with surgery and medication as last resorts, you can stop bandaging the complications of overconsumption of saturated fat. You can even do something rare: genuinely improve the health of your patients.

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