Nutrition: Understanding The Basics: Nutrition 101, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss – Lose Weight and Feel Great!

GOOD NUTRITION IS IMPORTANT – THIS IS A FACT. BUT HOW DO YOU REALLY GET STARTED TO ACHIEVNG IT? PEOPLE SAY IT BEGINS WITH A BALANCED DIET, BUT HOW EXACTLY DO YOU ACHIEVE THAT BALANCE?If you are lost in the world of calories and kilojoules, this book is the perfect reference to help you! The contents of this book will help you focus on what’s important while getting rid of all the unnecessary fluff about dieting and healthy living that are just bound to confuse you.I know what your next question is. How do you start making a dent in the goal of good nutrition so that you can start feeling great about yourself?This book has all the answers. Each chapter contains useful information on the things you need to know and need to do so that you can have a foolproof guide toward achieving not just you weight goals, but your overall health goals!Here is what this book has in store for you:Nutrition defined and simplifiedDietary guidelines made easy to followNutrition labels made understandableVitamins and minerals explainedFat-burning foods enumeratedPeak health made achievableMeal planning and recipes made doableStart reaping the benefits of eating healthy and living healthy! You can get started today.

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