No Time to Lose: How I Lost 185 Pounds and Saved My Life

This is not another diet book! No Time to Lose is the busy woman’s practical guide for learning to eat real food and lose weight permanently. Diets don’t work. No one wants to be on a diet. Learning the essentials is the key to successful, safe, and natural weight loss and teaches anyone struggling how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight without ever dieting again. Anyone can check out Debbie Lazinsky’s before and after photos in People magazine’s January 2014 “Half Their Size” issue. How did she lose 185 pounds and keep it off? No Time to Lose is her answer. Debbie shows how foods that are currently being eaten are contributing to excess weight and how to settle into a pattern of steady weight loss. Those sick and tired of all the false weight-loss promises who want to lose weight once and for all, No Time to Lose can help by showing a proven system that is simple and efficient and can be tailored for each individual. Discover the truth about what’s been getting in many people’s way of having a body they enjoy and being at a weight that works for them!

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