Metabolic Autophagy Cookbook: Eat Foods That Boost Autophagy, Balance mTOR for Longevity, and Build Muscle (Metabolic Autophagy Diet)

Eat Foods That Promote Longevity and Autophagy'Autophagy’ translates from Ancient Greek into ’self-devouring’ or ’eating of self’. This process entails your healthy cells devouring the old, worn-out, weak ones and converting them back into energy. There are many longevity-boosting benefits to this as illustrated in virtually all other species. The Metabolic Autophagy Cookbook is about optimizing the pathways related to increased longevity, performance, and vitality with food. It covers both the characteristics of different longevity-oriented genes and fuel sensors as well as specific meals that activate them.This book is a sequel to Metabolic Autophagy, which is a collection of the anabolic-catabolic cycles of the human body and metabolism.Metabolic Autophagy Cookbook will teach you: * What increases lifespan in humans and other species * How to promote health and longevity with intermittent fasting * What is Autophagy and how it works * How to age slower and be vigorous throughout your life * Which foods make you live longer and build muscle * Metabolic Autophagy Foods list and their anabolic-catabolic score * List of Foods That Boost Autophagy * List of Foods That Promote Muscle Growth * 70 Recipes for Both Health and Longevity * Many extras and bonuses in regards to food and exerciseSiim Land is a best-selling author, anthropologist, entrepreneur, high-performance coach and a biohacker who writes about optimizing health and human performance.This book incorporates daily lifestyle and dietary practices that help to cross the chasm between longevity and high performance.

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