Mediterranean Diet: The 30 Day Guide to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Improve Your Overall Health by Following the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterrranean Diet The Mediterranean diet is a food plan that is based on the cuisines and eating habits of countries such as Greece and Italy. In Mediterranean countries, people tend to be healthier and avoid disease for longer periods of their life. To mimic the healthy lifestyles that Mediterranean cultures have, many people around the world are switching to a Mediterranean inspired diet. In this book, we’ll cover the many benefits of the Mediterranean diet and provide a detailed guide on how to eat like a true Mediterranean.The Mediterranean diet has gained attention for being a very easy way to lose weight while still being very healthy. Instead of depriving yourself, like you would on many other popular diets, the Mediterranean diet encourages you to eat light and delicious foods that have tons of great nutrients in them, which give you energy throughout the day and are very easy for your body to process. Many Mediterranean foods are low on calories, but provide tons of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. This is ideal for keeping your body healthy, and can lead to weight loss when paired with a good exercise regime.The Mediterranean diet is also very easy to follow and can even save you money. The diet focuses extensively on cooking at home instead of eating out, and uses a variety of ingredients that are affordable and accessible. In this book, we provide tons of tips and tricks to help you follow the Mediterranean diet with minimal effort, as well as recipes that are easy to make at home and taste delicious.You don’t have to be an amazing cook or a disciplined health enthusiast to follow the Mediterranean diet. It’s something that everyone can do just by educating themselves on the importance of great food and learning how to substitute harmful processed foods for fresh and natural ones. In this book, you’ll find tons of accessible information to help you get started on your new health journey with the Mediterranean diet, whether you’re a busy parent or active professional. If you find yourself unhappy with your health, take the plunge and try the Mediterranean diet. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much better you’ll look and feel.

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