Low-Carb Paleo Diet Recipes: Top 365 Easy to Cook Yummy Low-Carb Paleo Diet Soup Recipes (Volume 6)

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to cook easy and yummy Low Carb Soup recipes. Stock is an excellent base for preparing flavorful soups. Traditionally, stocks are simmered for hours to extract maximum flavor coming from different ingredients. But you can either choose to do it the traditional way or use pressure cookers that take up to 70 percent less cooking time. Quite often, making soups can be a challenge as it is and churning out low-carbohydrate recipes as a weight loss option is even more so. Added to this, things might get out of hand especially when you are working with a limited budget. Fortunately, with a little forethought and some resourceful tweaking in the kitchen, you can make soups that are low in carbohydrates, easy, fast, and low in cost. To make homemade soups, it makes sense to have a few batches on hand and freeze the stock so whenever the urge strikes for a bowl of soup, you can easily heat them and serve. This book contains 365 easy-to-follow soup recipes that meet all aforementioned specifications. These taste as good as and are 100% healthier.

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