Low-Carb Lunches – how to make real-food lunch boxes: 40 easy recipes your children will love

CONGRATULATIONS - you are about to start making super-healthy, nutritious and filling lunch boxes. We all dread the morning lunch-box routine, but "Low-Carb Lunches" will help guide you to reduce the sugar and junk food from your child's lunch box every day. It's not difficult, it's not complicated - it just takes some practical ideas to make it work. It's not about doing more, it's about doing things differently. I will show you how to cut back on the sugar and packaged food without spending hours in the kitchen. I will show you how to cook smarter, and how to get your children involved. INSIDE YOU WILL FIND: * More than 40 easy lunch-box recipes, including nine exclusive recipes never to be published on Ditch The Carbs website * A five-step programme explaining how to give up sugar and carbs * A 10-stop action plan to transition to real food. * Easy swaps from junk food to real food * A five-step plan for making easy low-carb lunch boxes * Strategies for helping survive the change Even making the decision to give up processed food and start eating real, whole food is a milestone in itself. The fact that you have committed to buying this book shows your dedication to the task ahead. So buy the book for yourself or as a gift for a family or friend who needs some help. This is the perfect easy way to get started.

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