Low Carb Dieting 101: 21 Mouth Watering Recipes for the Low Card Dieter

Eating healthy and losing weight is hard and often confusing. This complete low-carb cookbook includes a great collection of low carb recipes. The delicious and healthy recipes of this cookbook taste so good you will forget that you are on a diet. Several scientific studies show that people who follow a low-carb diet lose weight faster than any other diets. Time and time again, scientists have been telling us that “It’s not fat, but carbohydrates that make us fat.” Scientists and health experts agree that we should eat fewer carbohydrates to lose weight and live longer. Dieting doesn’t have to be about sacrificing or feeling bored. Having enough variety and choices to keep the dieter from losing interest is one of the toughest challenges of any diet. Dieters will be pleased to know that with low carb diet, they can eat foods like sausage, pizza, quiche, casserole and dessert without giving up great taste and still lose weight. With this collection of low carb recipes, you will feel fuller, healthy and satisfied.

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