Love Food Love You: The Self Love Method to End Emotional Eating

"This is a beautiful book that has the power to give the reader a chance to return to their true self." Shannon Kaiser. Best selling author of ‘The Self-Love experiment’.Love Food Love You is the no-diet solution that will end your battle with food, your weight and your body image for good. Sally Plevin, Mindfulness teacher and previous ‘food-obsessed emotional eater’, guides you through a proven, step by step process to uncover and transform the deep-rooted beliefs and emotions at the heart of binge eating, overeating and yo-yo dieting.Using techniques and strategies from her popular live classes and workshops, including bonus audio materials, she’ll show you how to:Sense the clear distinction between physical and emotional hunger so that you never feel the need to restrict yourself or obsess about what to eat.See past emotional reactions to food so that you stop falling victim to urges and cravings that cause you to binge and overeat.Feel the incredible sense of contentment and self confidence that comes from loving and appreciating yourself exactly as you are.‘Love Food, Love You’ will take you on a wonderful journey to self-realisation, food freedom and the weight that's right for you."I love this book. Written with such honesty and with a deep understanding of feelings and thoughts which so many people can relate to. It's packed with practical activities to help you develop a much more positive relationship with food and even more importantly with yourself!"Kirsty Turnbull

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