LOVE FOOD? Let it love you.: What the diet industry doesn’t tell you! (Life Epiphanies) (Volume 2)

Food is not our problem. We might be overweight and we might be eating badly. But, seriously, it’s not the food’s problem. In this busy world, we’re eating more than ever. But we’ve forgotten how to be in love with food. And we’ve forgotten how to let it love us. So, let’s stop abusing ourselves and the food we eat. Let’s take the time to reconnect, value and love our food. And let it love us. Full of practical steps, this book picks up where the diet industry leaves off. It tells what the food and diet industries won’t tell us. It tells us HOW to change our lifestyles, to develop the healthy habits. A fresh approach to food management that includes ideas like ‘Shop Backwards’ or ‘Eat dinner twice’. Deliberately quirky to be memorable and approachable.

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