Losing Weight Feeling Great with Self Hypnosis & Meditation

One student loses over 100 pounds with enthusiasm, easily and effortlessly. Another student resists with all of her might freeing herself from unwanted pounds. Why?How did we overcome that resistance? What was the process we used that brought her success? It is presented here in this work and anyone can do it. This book is easy to read, and understand for everyone.Reap benefits galore and get excellent results as you:Find your motivator and use it to your best advantageLearn to use the 4 'D's' and Your Million Dollar Redirect Button Catch and eliminate 'Silent Assassins'Use formulas to work smart, not hard to accomplish your weight goalsStop Impulse EatingDiscover why self-hypnosis and meditation are so effective for allEasy methods to regain control over your emotions/lifeUsing the process for quick resultsAll about affirmations, the bridge that will take you from where you are to Where you want to be easily, quickly, and effortlessly.Start today benefiting from the twenty-five years of knowledge gleaned by the author as she worked in the self-help, self-image psychology arena with her Weight loss class being her most popular one.

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