Live the Smart Way: Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free Cookbook

This cookbook is a collection of tested and tasted recipes that are so delicious you forget that they are good for you! Kathy Smart is a holistic chef with a passion for food and life. As a nutritionist and a personal trainer with nineteen years of experience, she is intimately familiar with food both as fuel and as a source of comfort. However, as an individual with celiac disease, Kathy’s ability to enjoy good food was limited, and she often had to compromise flavour for health. In an effort to level the playing field, she engaged the skills of another foodie with a passion for fine French cuisine and combined the best of both worlds. New Second Edition with New Gluten-Free Recipes! The second edition of Live the Smart Way offers over an additional 50+ pages of simply delicious recipes from the Smart Kitchen, including more dairy-free and egg-free recipes. Plus, Kathy presents nutritional analyses, smart facts and tips, and a new Gluten Free Information Section with tips on how to make lifestyle changes painless and even enjoyable. Here, the timeless traditions of the world of French gastronomy meets the Smart World to bring you great food that just happens to be good for you, too! Welcome to the Smart Kitchen!

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