Life Is Tough But So Are You: FODMAP Journal & IBS Tracker: 90 Day diary with FODMAP food lists & planners | track foods, triggers, and intolerances | … Crohn’s, Celiac and Other Digestive Disorders

This Low FODMAP food diary and IBS Tracker is perfect to help keep on top of your daily food intake and record any reactions or symptoms to certain types of foods.This book is intended to be a simple yet effective tool for those suffering from  IBS, Crohn's, CELIAC and Other Digestive Disorders to help tackle eating goals and dealing with possible subsequent issues. There are 90 pages specifically designed for you to record food and drinks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus sufficient space to record reactions, stress levels, stools, symptoms, intolerances and daily water intake. It is also perfect for anyone who suffers discomfort caused by food or drink intolerances and who just wants to get on top of their of abdominal pain, constipation, headaches, fatigue or any symptom that can be attributed to a poor diet.In addition, we have added a section with information about FODMAPS, allowed and non-allowed foods, blank shopping lists and meal planners to enable you to work out your food and drink requirements.The third section of this book is for your medication records and appointment schedules,  so you have everything to hand and in one place when you need to visit your doctor, and a valuable resource for information.Keeping a daily food journal/diary is the perfect way to feel more empowered and enable you to deal more positively with your digestive issues. As well as keep a physical record of your food intake and how it affects you or triggers intolerances.About this Food Diary & Tracker:Guidelines for Using Trackers90 Day Diary and Planner for tracking your IBS & low FODMAP diet.Symptoms, Reactions & Stress TrackersTrack meals and fluid intakeMedication ScheduleMedical Appointments RecordFODMAP Overview & Food ListsFODMAP Blank Shopping Lists3 Months Weekly Meal Planners8 x 10, easily transportable perfect size for all140 pagesIf you are in need of improving your digestive and overall health? This could be the answer you have been looking for.Thoughtful gift for a friend, co-worker or family member for birthdays, holidays and Christmas presents and of course don't forget yourself.

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