Legends of Change: The unstoppable rise of veganism

From doctors, nutrition experts and Olympic athletes, to mums, daughters and women struggling with chronic illness, Legends of Change is the ultimate compilation of 85+ first-hand stories, helpful habits, and life-changing tips from women who have transitioned into a vegan lifestyle of plant-based eating. Empower yourself through the stories of people who are just like you, or someone you know, who has suffered through disease, disorders and despair.Passionate about this information and excited to speak out on the incredible benefits plant-based eating has had on their lives, the women featured in these short profiles detail their most personal life experiences in order to inspire you, the reader, to live the life that you're truly meant to live; healthier, happier and more fully alive.No book can give you all of the answers to your questions, but this book may just be able to answer a few.Each chapter offers suggestions, advice, and simple tips about how to create daily habits that could truly change your life. Some ideas might work for you, while others may not. There are plenty of gems in here for each reader to discover and make their own.

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