Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic diet, cookbook, recipes, vegan diet, ketogenic cookbook, keto diet, paleo diet, weight loss (Healthy Living) (Volume 1)

This book will offer you with all the information you need to know on how to begin the ketogenic diet, what foods to eat, the ones to avoid, meal plans as well as the recipes you can follow while on this diet. This ketogenic diet book will act as a resource for you in knowing everything about the low-carb diet. It will cover the psychology behind such diets, including potential negative effects as well as giving specific recommendations on how to optimize such a diet. The book is laid out in a format that explains what the Ketogenic Diet is about, different types of Ketogenic Diets, how it aids in weight loss, followed by diet meal plans and recipes which includes nutritional information. Included in this book • Introduction to Ketogenic Diet • Type of Ketogenic Diets • Ketogenic Diets to Aid in Weight Loss • Ketogenic Diet Plan • Foods to Avoid With the Ketogenic Diet • Ketogenic Diet Recipes • Ketogenic Bodybuilding Meal Plans

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