Ketogenic Diet: How to Customize Your Own Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan: Ketogenic Diet (Volume 4)

Have you ever wanted to create your own diet plan by eating the food you love and still achieve the results you want? In this book, you will learn how to customize your own Ketogenic Diet plan based on your weight goals whether it is for losing weight, weight maintenance or weight gain, You will learn how to calculate your "Basal Metabolic Rate" using the "Katch-McArdle Method" as well as the "Harris Benedict Method" in order to cut down calories for fat loss correctly. Detailed explanations and instructions will be given throughout the book to make it easy for beginners to follow and understand the underlying concept of weight loss. Why do you want to customize your meal plan? Let's be honest, how many people would diligently follow a meal plan which has been planned out for them? It is only natural that we all have different preferences for food and would ideally want our diet to consist of food we like the most. I have been through many diet meal plans throughout my life and nothing is btter than being able to customize it to your likings. Origins of methods The "Harris-Benedict Equation" was created by Francis Gano Benedict & James Arthur Harris, this was published in 1919 by the Carnegie Institution of Washington in the monograph "A Biometric Study of Basal Metabolism in Man". A revision in 1984 later improved its accuracy. The "Katch-McArdle Method" on the other hand, was put together by excercise physiologists Frank Katch & William McArdle which uses lean body mass to compute "TDEE" or toal daily energy expenditure What else you can expect to find Basic Explanation of the Ketogenic Diet 50 Breakfast, Soup, Salad, Side Dish Entrees, Snacks & Dessert Recipes Practical Tips to Note When Dinning Out Substitutes and Staples for Your Recipes And much, much more!

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