Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Using Science to Burn Fat Fast, The Essential Beginner’s Guide and Cookbook

Ketogenic dieting has been around for a while, and has proved itself to be more effective than other similar diets at shredding those extra unwanted pounds. Thanks to the recent jumps in nutritional sciences it has become possible to understand why the diet is so effective and how we can optimize it to ensure the maximal benefit. Using those little tricks on our metabolism we are essentially using science to burn fat and do it fast! This diet is not like others where you will lose the weight quickly but then put it back on. So if you are looking for a crash diet with a lot of calorie restrictions please move ahead this diet is not for you. This is going to be more steady weight loss and it will stay off as your body new metabolism changes what your “baseline” would be. One of the main reason why the diet works so well in term of compliance is the fact this diet doesn’t restrict your calories intake, you’re hungry? Eat! I will provide you a range of ideas of meals and snacks so you stay on diet. The power of a Ketogenic diet comes from switching to fat as the main energy source, this opens an enormous reserve of energy stored in your body, reducing your cravings and energy fluctuations during the day. Get ready for a diet that will provide you a new body, new health and new energy levels!

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