Ketogenic Diet: An Extreme Fat Loss Recomposition Program (ketogenic diet, ketogenic diet for weight loss, ketogenic diet for beginners, diabetes … Carb Diet, anti inflammatory diet) (Volume 1)

Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet For Beginners- Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Powerhouse While Dropping Fat Fast! Plus BONUS Meal Plan! The majority of the population these days eat a diet that is typically heavy in sugar and carbs. Because of this, most people are insulin-resistant and have lost their ability to burn fat for energy, as well as suffer high levels of chronic inflammation. If this sounds like you, then it is likely carbohydrates have taken up permanent residence in your liver and your liver has forgotten how to produce ketones because it doesn’t need to. In other words, your fat-burning engine has been officially switched off until further notice. When it comes to your ketogenic engine, you either "use it or lose it." So if you eat the typical American diet, more than likely you've lost your ability to burn body fat for energy, despite the fact that you carry around a great deal more "energy" around your waistline than you’d like to. The Ketogenic Diet is extremely effective at helping you become insulin-sensitive again by training your body to be a highly effective fat-burning machine! Unlike most diets where you feel constantly hungry and drained, you will feel satisfied and more energetic than you've ever felt before. This diet truly changes the way your metabolism works. It teaches your body to STOP burning the food you're eating for energy and START burning the fat you already have since it's the most efficient form of energy. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Which supposedly 'Healthy Foods" you eat everyday are keeping you fat Why urine sticks are NOT the best way to measure ketones How the Ketogenic diet outperformed the most popular diet for Type 1 diabetes. Why 'diet foods' are the worst thing you can eat to reach ketosis Why saturated fats are actually GOOD for you. How the Keto diet slows the aging process Why the Ketogenic is diet NOT a high protein diet and how your body turns proteins into glucose The EXACT foods to eat and the ones you need to avoid to reach ketosis How to know when your body is burning fat for fuel at OPTIMUM levels Much, much more!

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