Ketogenic Diet:: A Guide to Ketogenic Diet to Quickly Reduce Weight and Improve Your Health, Meal Plan for Rapid Fat Loss, Delicious, Quick & Easy … Diet Cookbook (Healthy lifestyle) (Volume 1)

Get Healthy Body with the Best Ketogenic Diet Cookbook!!! Ketogenic diet requires you to include adequate protein and high-fat and low-carbohydrates in your diet. This diet is extremely healthy for everyone for the treatment of epilepsy, cholesterol, liver problem, inflammation, immune disorders, and obesity. The Ketones are good for your body as compared to glucose because glucose has a shorter life and excitatory properties. The healthy level of ketosis will help you to waste away cancer cells because they can’t use ketones for fuel. This book is designed for your assistance to improve your health. You can follow recipes given in this book and reduce weight. This book offers: • Principles of Ketogenic Diet • What to eat and avoid during Ketogenic Diet? • Meal Plan to Reduce Weight in a Healthy Way and Mistakes to Avoid • Ketogenic Diet Recipes from Breakfast to Dinner • Ketogenic Smoothies and Snacks • Delicious Soups and Snacks for Ketogenic Diet Prepare recipes given in this book and reduce weight and get rid of various health problems. This book will be an excellent cookbook for you and your family!

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